5235K, louder or more silent?



Hello everyone.
I’m a new member to this forum, so please bear with me. :confused:

As some of you may know, Lite-On released a new “version” of the SOHC-5232K.
As far as I can tell, the only change lies in the balancing mechanism.
The SOHC-5232K uses VAS while the new SOHC-5235K uses ABS.

I poked around here on the forums and got the impression that the ABS is louder.
This would seem pretty stupid (to me at least),
since that would mean that Lite-On remade an old drive to make it… louder?
Could be… anything’s possible, but maybe I misinterpreted. (wouldn’t be the first time)
So just to be safe, I wanted to verify with you guys. :slight_smile:

This brings me to my question:
Is the SOHC-5235K considerably more silent than the SOHC-5232K?


Liteons are loud by nature it wouldnt surprise me one bit, my 52246S sat on my desk in its enclosure is that loud it feels like it may take off at any second :slight_smile:


Anyone else? :confused:


i replaced some time ago 5232k with 5235k, and imho both are comparable, neither old not new is quiet ;(