52327s problem, again

I was using QS0A and buring seems to be fine except overburning, so I flashed to QS0C

I don’t know about u guys, but when I was using QS0A, smart-burn media tester says my mitsumi disc is A-, now after I switch to QS0C and burn the same data again, it becomes c-(c+ before burn), what’s going on?

and I put the burned disc in my 166s dvd drive, it will slow down after reading about 20 min(according to nero cd speed test), completely fail at 50min and give me " circ unrecover error 031106" or somehting like that

I used alcohol

nobody got the same problem?

What speed are you burning those discs? What speed are they rated for?

the disc is capable of 48x, but I am not sure what speed I burned them at, however, I remember nero set it to 40x max, I don’t know about alcohol though, should be the same as nero, wouldn’t it?

edit: I forgot to mention the firmware for dvd is ds31

It sounds like you’re burning the disc too fast. Remember, not all discs work at the speed mentioned on the package.

Also, you might want to try “upgrading” to QS0B. I have been getting better burns with it than I did with QS0C.

hmm…this is weird, it’s A- again, but 166s stiil can’t read what I burned @@

I’ll try burning at lower speed just to test, but I gotta dl those images again, darn…