52327s copy protection



I was just wondering if anyone has any info on how the 52327s copes w/ copy protections such as safedisk 2.90 and securom 4.8+…because mine is gonna come in a couple of days and if it doesn’t do a good job w/ them i’ll have to rma it…so please give me some good news :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you read any threads about this burner at all?

It will work nice for you. It will do both SR 4.8 and SD 2.9 nice.


I just got the drive today and it seems to be working great. I did a few burns at 52x on some taiyo yuden media and then did some kprobe tests on them and the c1 errors are very low(average is between 0 and 1 usually). FYI I got the black 52327s from newegg. and the manufacture date is May.


And what about 52246S?

Can it “do” the latest version of Safedisc and Securom?


Yes. Course not a “real” 1:1 backup of SecuROM, but no drive can do that…


Thanks, but I want to now if there are any improvements relating with copy protection in 52327S.


I’d tell you, but I don’t have any securom games to test. sorry