52327s Controlling read speed

Just bought the 52327s drive - one problem, how can i make it read disks at a lower speed, as on mp3s its skipping etc. Have directcd (adaptec obviously) but for some reason it doesn’t support this drive with my current set up. Any ideas?

  • if not what should I use?

Doubtful that the problem is read speed. Scan the disc for C1/C2 errors and see if there’s an issue with the burn quality, if not then the problem is somewhere else.
The max data rate speed is only reached at the end of the disc.

is there any software that i can use to control the read speed,

Also is there a incompatability problem between liteons and directcd - or is is more likely to be my setup?

as rdgrimes said i am doubtful about the read speed being the probelm . yes there is tool for this if u have nero, i think u must have got it with your lite-on, use the the nero drive speed software in it to control ur drive speed.