5224TA Write Quality Problems on MCC type 3 CD-R media

I’ve just got a 716-A and have been playing around with the quality check, and i’ve found that my 5224TA (TLA#0003) writer has been making poor burns. I’m using Verbatim branded 48x media off a spindle, Plextools reports it as being MCC type 3. I’ve been burning at maximum speed with PowerRec on and no other settings messed around with.

The C1 level is normal (<10) until 30/40 minutes into the disc, then raises + C2’s are present as well… On a CD-ROM disc the C1 level reaches 500, an audio disc reaches 50 - and underneath the peak there is a bunch of C2 errors.

Any idea why this is? I’m running firmware 1.03, win2k, drive as a slave to my 716A (though this affects cd’s i made when it was master)

For the disc below, C1=474216, C2=2211 :a

and the 716 burns them better? If so it may be some wrong firmware implemented CD strategy for that media… try another media or try another firmware.

I’ve done a little more testing and it seems it was a dodgy batch of media. It’ll write ok (still not as good as normal MCC media) up to 24x but over that it messes up.

The discs that are affected all have a serial number beginning with A3Z14, the ones I have with A3Z15 and A3Z16 serials are fine. I would have expected better from verbatim though :frowning:

You results confirm the conclusions I drew from my tests: Plextors don’t have the appropriate writing strategy to burn Verbatim CD-Rs well at speeds higer than 24X.