52246S - Problems

Using latest firmware 6SOF


using cdspeed 2.11, when i go to do a quality test i have to start scanning and then restart as it will show stupid amounts of errors but when i restart it is fine and scans the disc properly

using cdspeed 3.00, no matter if i restart the test it shows stupidly high amounts of errors were talking 98934782365086598 c2 errors!

is this a common problem?

using k’s probe is fine though but i like to use both k’s and nero cd speed to be on the safe side.

Main Problem

Ive been using moser baer india 52x discs sold as philips 52x for a while but pc world has stopped selling them and im looking for a new media ive tried about 10 different brands but they all give me higher error rates, they are fine up until about 70% then the c1 error rates rise to about past the 50 mark and the average changes from around 3.0 and rises very fast until it gets to over 7.0 and then i wil be met with a few c2 errors near the end of the disc, ive tried altering burn speed i usually burn at 24x, strangely reading the disc back at 48x gives far better results no c2 errors and what i would class as a good burn strange as 48x and 52x are not much different,


should i buy a new cd-rw? is my drive just getting old been using it for about 14 months, or is it just media? or should i stop whining and just accept what quality im getting

1 more thing my 851s dvd-rw is no good as far as im concerned for writing cd’s as when i read the disc back in cdspeed or k’s it always shows a high c2 spike in the middle of the cd this is on any burned or pressed cd

Thanks for any advice guys! :iagree: i have alot of DivX films i need to get off the hard drive taking up too much space :sad: