52246s error at 52x

I picked up a couple spindles of verbatim 52x media cheap, normally i dont have access to 52x media so i only burn at 40 or 48. when i tried to burn these at 52x, near the end of the cd (possibly where it changes to 52x speed) the drive makes a noise, orange light comes on, makes some more noises, then continues the burn very slowly without errors in nero, but data verification fails at that point in the disc when i check it. I tried the same thing 3 times and got consistent results. I don’t believe it is bad media because I burnt one same setup in my LG GSA-4120B super multi at 40x with no problems. Keep in mind my liteon is over a year old and heavily used, perhaps some play has developed in its mechanisms or dirt has builtup that keeps it from burning properly at maximum speed?

I am in the exact same situation as you with my 48246K ! the burfproof light comes on at the end of the burn for no reason, but the burn eventually completes… successfully according to the CD-R software, but the disc is not readable at the end!

I’ve tested it in several PC’s and different OS’es, and same fault everywhere… but it has worked for over a year, and now this? bad quality?

There’s a known issue with the 6S drives creating an open sector at the point where SmartBurn kicks in to lower the speed. The reason it is slowing is because the drive cannot burn the media that fast, so the solution is to burn at 48x or 40x and avoid the slow-down. You may find that trying different formware versions will aleviate the problem with some media types, but it’s still better to burn at 40x anyway.

Bah so we are victims of a design flaw… its like saying to fix a sports car that shakes at 200km/h drive it at 150… kinda defeats the term SMARTBURN eh :stuck_out_tongue:

Turn off smartburn and do it anyway. I have used some real cheap media @ 52x (on LG GCE 8525B) without any problems. I dont mean name brands cheap, I mean cheap cheap unknown fly by night cheap where the fake reclaimed silver is already falling off. It looked like LG was worried about wobble more than anything else.

Oh yea I have had some fails on good media though. Really weird fails… Like it writes out multiple tracks, audio tracks and stuff… On a Disk-at-once data disk…

Remember 52x does a disk @ 2.20 while @ 40x it takes 3.30. A minute of your life gone…

Turning off smartburn has no effect on whether a drive slows for over-speeded media.