52246S and Nero Info Tool

I just noticed that Nero Info Tool reports that my new 52246S drive can only read @ 12X max But my 48125W it shows 48X max
Do I have a problem with this drive.

Nero Info Tool on the Drive Tab:
52246S 48125W
Read Speed(max) 12X 48X
Write Speed (max) 52X 48X
Load Mechanism Tray Tray
Firm Ver. 6S02 VS08
Buffer size 2MB 2MB
Date ? ?
Serial # ? ?

What do you think?
Thanks RJ

=>FAQ :slight_smile:

Q: I do only get 12X shown as the maximum reading speed, but my drive supports faster speeds!!
A: Lite-On drives features Smart-X technology which limits the reading speeds due to type of disc and the condition of the disc. Only speeds that the drive supports reading the inserted disc(or if drive is empty: the last inserted disc) at will be shown. Insert media that the drive supports reading at highest speed before you start the program to get the highest speed shown.

Thank You AirHead

I was aware of this. I used the same media that I had just read in the 48125W drive. And It still came up with 12X max. While the 48125W drive still reported 48X max read.

In Device MGR I removed the 52246S drive and rebooted.
XP reinstalled the drive and everything is fine now.
Info tool reports that the drive is capable of reading @ 52X max.

It appears the 48125W had an easier time reading the media than the 52246S did. I hope this isn’t a sign of trouble


You shouldn’t put too much faith in what Nero InfoTool says… It can come up with the weirdest values.