52246S 6s0f CRC error on cdr backup

hey yall

i made an iso of my farcry cd (i dont like to handle my originals) and it ran fine on daemon tools, so i know the iso is good. then i did a Store compression with a fairly new version of winrar (3.1 or 3.2 i think) and split the iso into 6 cdr-sized files and burned them with nero 6 (no dvd burner here :frowning: ) i also extracted the archives to test the iso again.

i recently reformatted and wanted to reinstall farcry, so i whipped out the 6 cd’s and got a “” in windows and am kinda screwed for the cds i guess :frowning:

recently 1 in like 10 cdrs i burn have this problem now. ive just switched from nvidia’s ide bus drivers back to window’s, but i dunno if that fixed it cuz its so random like i said. so:

  1. is there ANY possible way to get the cdrs to work? i know the problem is very general, but i thought i’d ask anyways…

  2. it mightve started since i upgraded to the 6s0f firmware (i was on 6s0a before for a LONG time cuz 6s0d didnt mesh well w/ me–nero and others didnt display any write speeds past 32x)…could this be the cause?

THANKS! im more concerned w/ getting the problem resolved than fixing the farcry cdr’s. i got the orig. in a closet for safe keeping.

aw…cmon! anyone? please? :frowning:

Just as a complete guess, it sounds like bad media. What kind of CDR’s did you use? Can you use Kprobe to read the ATIP info. on them and find out the manufacturer? Can Kprobe do a write quality scan on them?