522246s + ND-2500

This pair just dont get on at all, if i stick the nd-2500 dvd-rom on the same channel my 52246s stutters whilst reading and refuses to burn, the 52246s is running at Ultra DMA mode 2 and the ND-2500 at Multi-World DMA mode 2, ive tried forceing the ND-2500 to run in PIO mode but it makes no difference to the 52246s arggh i want them both in this system!, i dont know how my HDD will take to having the DVD-ROM paired on the same channel but ill try it later, also i am using 80 wire cables and i have tried swapping the drives over from master to slave etc, heres the system specs

Duron 1.2Ghz 100Mhz FSB
PCCHIPS M810LMR (probably the cause the big p.o.s)
256Mb PC133 SDRAM @ 100Mhz FSB
GeForce Fx5200
300Watt PFC Tested PSU
6GB HDD ATA66 (50% free, defragged)

Hmmm, any chance of improving these? The RAM is the bare minimum for Windows XP, and the slow HDD speed surely isn’t helping.
DMA operation means that the drives rely on some memory of their own. Windows is surely hogging most of your 256MB itself.

XP is using about 100mb’s on the desktop with antivirus and basic apps like mbm5 etc, the drives work fine on their own just not together.