5170, 7170 or 7173?

thinking of buying one of these three, burn quality
being most important issue, any comments very welcome!

Same drive different name and features, choose the one that fits your needs best.

Hi [B]hann[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

They are essentially the same drive, with the following differences in their firmware:

7170 = 5170 + Support for DVD-RAM

7173 = 7170 + Support for Labelflash

Labelflash is a labeling technology competing with but not compatible with LightScribe.

ok, have to look then in details and thanks for the info!
Have been reading the forum for couple of years and now
also writing

I sold six months old Benq 1655, and now I’m planning to buy 7170 (tommorow).
The question is: Is it possible to crosflash 7170@7173 like older Nec writers (3550-3551, 4550-4551…).

if you thinking of crossflashing your drive then try to get the 7173, cos i dont think that there will be many that will try to crossflash.