5163D broken after flashing to A105




i just broke my external LG-GSA 5163D when i flashed it to A105.

I downloaded the following file from the LG site:

“New firmware (ver. A105) for only GSA-5163B
(External 16X Super multi DVD Writer)”

CDFreaks links to that version on the front page too. If you klick
on 5163D it offers the version for the 5163B.

OK. I flashed it and now all attempts to burn DVDs/CDs fail after 2secs.

Should i try to downgrade to A104?

Thank you

(yes, i disconnected all external devices, and i used the USB 2.0 port.
no, the update went flawless without errors, i just can’t write anymore)


The latest official firmware for this drive is AO3. US site

Obtain it at the US LG website and reflash. Your drive will be fine.

Hopefully Kenshin can address this issue.



For reasons I don’t understand, the US site tends to be out of date for certain firmware. It is probably best not to look for the latest firmware there. The latest version of official firmware for the 5163D is indeed A104. See the LG’s UK website (gb.lgservice.com) for example.


It is worth a try. Try flashing back to A104 and see if you can burn again. The latest version of firmware for the 5163D is indeed A104.

What exactly is the difference between the 5163B and the 5163D?


Hi :slight_smile:

VicDorn for latest f/w here
5163B is the same as 5163D. I believe it’s either a typo / denotes colour or relates to country of distribution. Regardless of this there is only the one f/w.

Although I don’t have the 5163, I do have a 4163B in an external case which I’ve flashed to 105 with no probs.


I have a 5163D that flashed up to A105 with the “5163B” firmware. I’m sure it’s a typo.


i’ve got the same problem, some one can help me?

wich is the latest firmware for 5163D ? a105 or a104?

on the lg website there’s a lot of confusion.



At first i want to say “thank you!” for your replies.

The writer is working again, i re-flashed it with A104. (but i’m still confused with this B/D stuff

The problem seems to be my attempt to flash with the usb cable.
Though everything seemed to work fine (no errors reported) the troubles
started after the reboot. (i tried flashing A105, A104, A103, all with the usb 2.0 port)

Before taking the drive back to the shop i made a last attempt using the Firewire port

After flashing A104 this way the drive works again. I’m happy now and don’t
dare to flash A105. Maybe i will try A106 if it should appear someday…

Again, thanks for your help!