5163 probs

hey guys. i am new to all this so sorry if im sounding stupid, but i jus bought a 5163D external, and ive already had quite a few problems with it and i was wondering if you guys could alleviate some of them. i have already upgraded the firmware to a105, reformatted my computer, and installed all the software necesseties (nero, alcohol, dvdshrink, dvd decryptor, etc). this solved my original probs of backing up my mp3s and movies to +DL discs. what ive been trying to accomplish now is backup my original dvd movies and ps2 discs. i can rip the images to my hard drive all nice and fine, but when i go to burn them again … all hell breaks loose and i get coasters. now i know one problem is the media im using (memorex: 16x -R, cmcmag.am3), but i figured id have at least some working results. i get to a different percentage each time then the drive stops burning and just hangs there til i reboot. im recording at 4x times, which is the only option i can ever burn with (another problem, cuz id prefer to always write at 1x). nero cd dvd speed tool says it can be written at 4x tho … i dunno. im ordering some good media soon, and im hoping that will fix things … i was hoping you guys would see my case here and give me some insight that im over looking. thanks again.

  1. Better media is the key.
  2. Burning at 1x. For what? Console backups only at 1x - only a myth.

thats wat would really cause a nearly 0% successful burning rate? i jus thought that id get at least some success…

and i only say “nearly” cuz i havent gone thru the whole spindle yet, but all so far have been coasters.

You have managed to find the one kind of media which you absolutely should NOT use on a 5163D because :

  1. No version of firmware for this drive supports CMC MAG AM3 at all. The drive is burning with its default write strategy which will only burn at a max of 4x.

  2. The discs are of poor quality themselves.

Other people with more experience with ps2/xbox type consoles are probably going to tell you : you need good quality media in order to get discs which will work on those. Memorex is hardly good quality stuff. They don’t make their own discs but source from random manufacturers. You can never tell what you are going to get each time you buy their discs.

You cannot burn at 1x on the 5163D. It is not supported. There is nothing you can do about it. This drive will support 2x burning for some discs but 1x is not supported at all. This is a trend with newer writers. Many of the latest have a minimum burn speed of 4x for all media.

If after getting those better quality discs, you still have the same problems, it is time to start looking at your USB2/firewire drivers, whichever interface you might be using.

ok wow. ill order some better discs now. i attempted to mess with the firmware in the firmware hacking prog to get the drive to burn at lower speeds, but i got impatient lol so i jus reflashed it with a105 again. thanks for all the help guys. ill let ya know if its still givin me crap after i get some better media.

5163 never made a coaster here. Read everywhere here what media to get and what to avoid - it’s been said so many times. Hints could be MCC or TY. Personally i buy lots and lots of unbranded TDK02 media and they work fantastic on my LG’s and Pioneer @ 2x. I’d recommend those over Panasonic TYG02 but for slight faster burning and also very good quality any TY disc would work flawless :wink: