5163 - how to flash



Just downloaded the latest firmware A104 for my LG 5163B from the LG site. However the instructions obviously were “cut-n-pasted” from the 4163 instructions. The included instructions (very obviously) refer to flashing an INTERNAL drive, wheras the 5163 is EXTERNALLY connected to the PC via either firewire or USB. My computer is an IBM laptop, so my only option is to flash using firewire or USB (USB 1.0 in the case of my IBM). Has anyone successfully flashed the 5163B & if so would you kindly advise the procedure.


Don’t mind the .txt file…

I flashed my 5163B through firewire interface using the executable… it’s really easy… a 1-click (on the red “update” button) operation. :iagree:
I didn’t close any application running in the background, and I’ve already done it for A100->A101, A101->A102, A102->A103, A103->A104. :wink:




Many thanks for your response. I’ve just successfully flashed my 5163 to A104 firmware using Firewire and a PCMCIA card into my IBM laptop. The A104 instructions posted on the LG site are clearly wrong. On further investigation I now find the instructions on LG’s website for flashing version A103 to 5163 ARE correct in that they say how to use USB / Firewire.


You’re welcome. :smiley:
Let’s hope that LG will fix that info file for A105. :wink: