512mb Vga!



ATI : http://www.ggmania.com/?smsid=18027

nVidia: http://www.hexus.net/#Gainward


i heard about this, the R520 is to get 512mb of RAM onboard, ATI are expected to announce that there new 850XT or whatever the hell its named is to get 512mb of RAM. Yipee, now doom 3 can be played with uncompressed textures…not that i play doom 3…


well it seems they are putting on fast memory and not doing what they did a while ago with the butget cards when they gave them a huge amount of slow memory… Hopefully some games other than doom3 will be able to use this someday.


Also see this thread.


damn it, i wish i had a load of cash for that…granny for sale, anyone?


What’s the point? 256Mb is more than enough for GPUs to process (at least for gaming) anyways…


The newest Unreal engine will need 1Gb to run smoothly. :rolleyes:


well like i said before doom 3 wants a 512MB card to run uncompressed textures, you don’t need it or anything, it will run with a card with less RAM but obviously the lastest games and upcoming games will need more onboard RAM soon. Besides i’d prefer more onboard RAM, its faster, since a) its onboard and b) its DDR3.

Does it? Blimey, i watched the unreal 3 engine video ages ago, it looks really good i remember, as you’d expect really. Guess i’ll need a new PC soon to play it then…