512Mb SanDisk SD card $15 AR @bestbuy

not sure if it was advertised or not, but at $26.99-$12 MIR I couldn’t pass it up. 2 yrs ago I paid $90 for a 256MB :rolleyes:

just looked at my receipt and the offer is good until 7/15

Well, Wal-Mart currently has a clearance sale on their 1GB 35x Compact Flash cards for just under $30 with no rebates involved. I guess it’s just me but I would go for that instead.


Me too.

Is compact flash interchangable with SD?

No! :disagree:

See this Wal-Mart sort for Memory cards/readers (47 items). Look for the clearance items. If lucky you can find the format you need on sale.

SD has become so inexpensive.

I do not think this is a great deal anymore. Easy to find better deals.

Here is one I found real quick:

Ultra 1GB 40X Secure Digital Media Card Retail with Free Shipping. $42.99 minus $30.00 rebate is $12.99. Dollars less for twice the memory. And also a 40X speed.

Also every Friday Fry’s has 2 or 3 very nice deals for SD Cards.

Link for the 1GB SD Card: http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=80201-9&prodlist=pricegrabber


CF has been cheaper than SD for as long as I can remember :wink:

and I guess its just me, but I prefer sandisk to generic brands, this is the cheapest $/MB Ive ever seen a sandisk SD and its a fairly small rebate to boot