512 to 1024 memory upgrade?

I am thinking of adding another stick of 512mb of pc3200 memory to my system. I am doing video editing and dvd burning. What kind of performance increase should i expect from this upgrade? Will it increase speed for converting dv-avi files to mpeg-2?

I would personally do this to improve some performance, but I think the main thing here would be the processor?? It’s not at all bad, but isn’t this where the main en/decoding load is?? As far as RAM, I have 512 and right now (just playing some music and surfing - along with some XP visual tweaks), I am using 370/512.

The extra memory can help you speed up the process of memory consuming applications, such as video editing. However, the extra speed may not be noticible much…depends on how much of your memory is used at the moment when working with this software now…

As long as you’re just doing AVI-> mpeg conversions, you won’t notice any difference between 512 - 1024 MB.

But as soon as you’re really editing those AVI’s (including multiple audio and video-tracks with transitions, special effects, still images, audio-effects, image enhancements etc), 1024MB is a must.
For the average videoproject in Adobe Premiere Pro, my WinXP is using 800MB fysical memory.