512 MB PC133 SDRAM Memory!

I have a simple question, It may sound dummy, but I would like to know if a 512 MB PC133 SDRAM Memory for U$79.00 is worthed buying?
I mean, it looks too cheap or that is the average price for it? Found here --> Cheap Memory

Also, what is better. Two memorys of 256MB each or just one of 512MB, or makes no diference at all ???

Thanks anyone for the imput…


with one bank of 512, if it s out of order , you only have to buy an other one to use your pc.with 2 banks of 256 , if one is out of order, you always use your pc.

I would agree with both of the previous replies. It really does depend on the motherboard. Some of the mobos out there only have 2 Dimm slots which would fill your motherboard, with no room for expansion. As it is so cheap go for it and risk it. If it doesn’t work you send it back and get another one.

I beleive if you have 2 256 meg sticks it is slower than 1 512 as there is more latency in the system, only by.0000001% or something like that, however I would put 2 256’s in for a bit of redundancy.