5115GHC+ English firmware dated 01/08/2007?


I’ve just installed the latest 5115GHC+ firmware from LiteOn’s site - the English one dated 01/08/2007. I haven’t had chance to test it yet, but the serial number at the bottom of the main menu has 030 in it - the previous firmware dated 08/21/2006 was also 030. Does anyone know if there’s a difference between the two (I assume there is), and if so, what those differences are? Is the audio sync problem sorted when playing back DivX files? I still have 019 saved which worked OK (but not brilliantly), so I can downgrade if necessary, but if anyone can help me out with my questions, that would be great!

Thanks in advance,


I was very interested in your post because I have 2 LVW-5115 GHC+ machines, a friend of mine and my brother each have one. I went to Lite-On’s site and found only the update dated 8/21/06 LNMPU030zip for English model. I found no update dated 1/8/07. You might want to go back and check that update and let us know what you found out.

Hey Doc,

I got the update from here: -


I tested it out with a few DivX files earlier, and they’re out of sync again - some of them by a long way. Looks like I’ll be downgrading to 019.

Thank you for the info. When I went to www.liteonit.com picked America, downloads and brought it up it didn’t give me the new info. Must be some reason they did it. U’m going to down load it but I’m not having any problems with any of these machines so I am going to just save it for the future. Thanks again for the info.