5115 and integrated Freeview LCD TV reception problems

I have a LCD Samsung LE32R51BD with integrated Freeview and have tried as many combinations of linking the tv and the recorder, but cannot tune in the freeview signal - I do get a partial signal, but it is so distorted the recorder does not recognise the low/poor signal.

In order to work around it (and I have to have a workaround to record the Eurovision this weekend!!!) I have connected a external freeview digital box to in-scart, and the out scart to the TV.

What I can’t do is use the timer on the TV to get the DVD to run - also there’s a little picture loss as the external digital tuner is old.

Recently I’ve had the digital tuner on the TV replaced as it wasn’t switching on properly. The signal from the integrated digital is like a negative image, and flicks across the screen, I get sound, and I’m also able to tune in the analogue channels.

If anyone can suggest why the signal isn’t coming through I’d be grateful.

Connections - digital arial to av in on tv, scart from tv av scart to dvd scart.

also tried, component leads, with scart from dvd to TV av scart .

Scanned the channels with each alteration, changed the output from scart to component or whatever was appropriate, and decoded the channels, but still no luck.



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In order to record Digital TV on your DVD recorder, you will need to use your separate Digital tuner to do this as the TV’s integrated digital tuner will not pass the decoded digital TV out to the DVD recorder, at least with the Lite-On’s TV-Output socket. As I’m unable to get hold of your TV’s manual to have a look at, I’m not sure if there is an output for passing the tuned in Digital TV channel to VHS/DVD recorders. However, if there is, you will only be able to record the channel currently tuned in on TV and depending on the TV, it may need to be switched on for the duration of the recording. However, I can confirm that the TV-Out on the Lite-On series of DVD recorders cannot be used as an input source, so if your TV has an output, a separate Scart lead needs to be connected from this to your DVD recorder’s Scart AV input.

In order to be able to watch a different TV channel than what is being recorded, I would recommend using your separate Digital TV tuner for recording from. Unfortunately, no Lite-On DVD recorder as far as I’m aware of has an integrated Digital TV tuner.

When you watch a Digital channel on your TV, the picture remains in Digital from the time it is picked up, through the upscaling process until the picture is physically showing on the screen. However, when you watch a Digital TV using an external decoder connected up to your Lite-On (or any other recorder), the Digital TV decoder has to convert the picture to a legacy analogue signal to feed over the Scart, the recorder picks this up and outputs it out the TV-Out. Finally when it reaches your TV, it has to convert the picture back to digital in order to upscale and display. Each stage results in a slight loss of quality, unlike with the TV’s integrated decoder where the picture remains in digital from the time it is picked up to when it is shown.

Thanks Sean,
It’s a workaround, but I’m going to chase up Samsung (Manual), and see if they can suggest anything - I mean they do their own RDVD, so it should hook up somehow.

BTW - altough I’m based in London now, I’m from Waterford - good to chat with a fellow Irishman!