510 Hard Aluminum MEGA Case



510 Hard Aluminum MEGA Case, Hold 510 CD DJ Case, Black, EHJ510! only $39.99 after $30 off with Free Ground Shipping!

Original Price: $69.99. Use Coupon Code “AC18006330OFF612” for $30 OFF!
Sale Price Only $39.99, with FREE shipping!
Expiration Date: Jun 12, 2005!



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thank you.


Is this case any good? Is it high quality?


A bunch of us got these when Meritline had them on sale. Almost all of us were very pleased. It is solid and well crafted and allows easy access to the discs after it is full. It does work better when filled though, and can spill discs when turned on end. The hanging sleeves are very smooth. I wouldn’t want to stand on it much but I almost could. The only gripe is the lid comes off too easily. I have three.


Do the plastic sleves scratch or damage the CDs/DVDs? :confused:


Not at all. I tested them with a couple hundred insert-remove cycles and examined under a magnifying glass and could find no changes in the surface.


Since i have 4000+ maxi cd’s (last count) i wonder if these cases are suited for these. Together with albums it’s taking much space and i’d really like to drop the jewel cases. I’ll order a smaller test case anyway but i wonder if it’s ok to keep cover between the sleeves. Also, if it says 510 - is that 255 sleeves or 510 (x2 or?) Thanks :smiley:


This should give you all the info you need. Also, it is much smaller than it appears,16x12x8.



CD/DVD accessories are expensive in US though CD/DVD media and drives are cheapest there. That case should cost under US$20.


hmm must get me one of those with a padlock damn those student friends of mine!!


These have a very simple key lock built in.