50pk Verbatim 16x DVD+R or DVD- R: $8.99 @ OM

as always, clipped from the wallet.

i know this was covered in previuos thread, but actual price comes out to $8.99 for 50. i picked up the last 2 50 +r’s from my om.

"50 pack spindle of Verbatim 16X DVD+R (and DVD-R)

$39.99 shows on receipt as item “023942950370” for +R

  • $25.00 instant Rebate, shows on receipt as “promo discount 980200108”
  • $ 6.00 (15% off of $39.99, yes, off original price, using brown bag) shows on receipt as “Coupon Number: 09788011010106”
    = $ 8.99
  • tax"

Where did you get the Brown Bag? I have two on a Raincheck order from the local OM, at the $15.99 price, but alas I have no brown bag.

brown bag came in my sunday paper.


I just found the brown bag Yippeeeee, hehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope they still have some in stock. It is already Friday but i have the brown bag and will try and get some. Great price might as well stock up!!

whats the brown bag?

Look here. (credit to ripit) Should have been in your Sunday paper.

I cannot even remember what the media was (It was 50 packs of something or other), but that happened last time they did the brown paper bag thing like a year ago too (15% off the full price, not the sale price, taken off the sale price). On top of that, they let me use a coupon card. This is defanatlly a deal to jump on. I would but I got them for the same price a couple of weeks ago ( 115% price match off office depots 13$ plus 2 10$ off 30$ coupon cards).

Anyone tried it without the bag and just print it out?

been reported on fatwallet, one user took regular brown bag, wrote coupon code on brown bag. viola, 9 bucks for 50. i guess its a ymmv. good luck.

I went to my local OM, but they said they were out on Monday. The guy tried to give me a raincheck, but the computer wouldn’t let him. He said the other area OM had 8 50 packs! I went over there, and it turns out they had none! Not too happy. :frowning:

Went to two OM stores this morning. Both store were out. This would have been a great deal for MCC004 media @ 9 bucks for 50 !!!

I got the last one at my local OM, it had no advertising on shelf for the Promo, just went to cashier and price checked and yes was $8.99 + tax with the bag discount. Thanks for the heads up on this cmisenko.

My OM had 5 left, I picked up 2 :slight_smile: , brown bagged it.
~$19.50 after tax for 2 50 packs.

I’ve only burned one so far, the quality is very good but not what I get with T02. :stuck_out_tongue:

If any of you missed out, office depot is going to have them on sale next week (no idea on price, just up to 65% off verbatium media). It might be a good oportunity for an ofice max 115% price match (assuming the office max 15$ price ends sunday and they go back to regular price).

Hi ripit; What happen to your Sunday’s sale and scan of stores?.

With a appology I failed to see your post on this thanks.

Family first man! TCAS and me can wait a few minutes! LOL

Can the items on sale order online? I checked office depot site and it does not have the 65% off on Verbatim media.


From what I can tell, the prices are in store only. I checked the website and it is showing full price.