50pk Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs $12.99 Best Buy

Just wanted to let you guys know: Best Buy now seems to be carrying Fuji Film “Color Tower” 50 packs that are Made in Japan. I’ve seen Taiwan as well, so be sure to check the label. There wasn’t a sale tag, so it looks like the every day price is $12.99! I just bought a pack, opened it up, and they are in fact Taiyo Yuden. :slight_smile: These are great. There are 5 individual 10 pack spindles within the 50 pack: 1 Blue, 1 Green, 1 Yellow, 1 Red, and 1 Purple (dark purple). They come with a “Special Label Kit” as well, but I don’t really use stick on labels.

Staples also sells those. However, the Best Buys here are bad about storing them improperly and then selling a lot of TY DVD media with bad dye spotting on the back. Just an FYI, as it’s a possibility they could do the same with the CD-R media.

No arguments there. My Fuji TYs that I purchased from best buy last year were a nightmare. I am in desperate need of TY media though. Any idea what speed they are?

Any idea what speed they are?

The ones like this I got from staples a few months ago were 48x.

They’re 48x.

Good to know. The last ones I picked up were 16x. :eek:

how should these packs be stored
that staples does but BB does not?