50PK Sony DVD+/-R (TY Discs) $17.98



I know Ripit posted about these discs, but I felt further attention was probably worth it, as the $17.98 Sony Discs on Sale from 05/22/05 are Taiyo Yudens


I never trust the MID code, package, or style of disc now - from other postings I go by all this AND the code around the center hub - just hope no one starts faking this.


Are you sure that the -R ones are also TY?


I actually used CDSpeed 3.80 to get the MID and I posted the screenshot above.

The DVD-R are Sony MID


[QUOTE=elfdood]I actually used CDSpeed 3.80 to get the MID and I posted the screenshot above.

Can you tell by the “typical TY” cake box or do you have to bring them home first?


here’s some info on sony ty’s. its not the “typical” ty cake box. also on on my ty sony’s there’s a white spacer on top. the sony media id’s have a silver spacer on top. discs r actually milky white on top. if u look hard u can see ty codes on inner hub. look for mij, they will be ty. mit is sony media code. i have a little over 200 of the sony ty’s (+r’s). i like them much better than the fuji ty’s. i still think i’m all over this one. can never have too much media.


thanks cmisenko, will check the Sonys for those markings. :bow:


SONY08D1 is nice media as well. I burned a few of those I snagged during one of Staples’ regular media sales. Sometimes it is Memorex, sometimes it’s HP, other times it is Staples’ own media. This one is better than any of them, IMO rather close to TY.


Just got back from CC. All the +R’s they had was MIJ. So, I took 4 spindles. Popped the disc and sure enough, they are TY’s.

Goin’ back to CC to pick up 4 more spindles.


I also just went out to CC and picked up the last 2 spindles of MIJ Sonys here in Brookfield WI. I would of bought more and I asked a sales person if there were more in back and they said that was it. I may see if the other locations in the area have any.
Has anyone been to any of the other CC’s in the Milw. area and found any MIJ’s?
Thanks, Budzos


just goto staples. same criteria applies (mij, white sacer). get them todo the 110% price match. price comes out to $15.78 for a 50 pac. i picked up three 50 pacs (last ones) for $50.00 after my 6% sales tax :smiley: . i’m thinkin i’m gonna take the bb sale flyer and get me some verbatim 16 x +r’s. after price match that should b round $8.50 for a 25 pac. not to shabby.


I went to a CC in Perimeter, GA and they did not have any MIJ Sony media. Only MIT.



So only the +R media is TY? Or is the -R TY too?


Yes, only the 8x Sony DVD+R made in Japan is TY.


It appears they’re right - only the +R are TY.

Just got 3 50pks from my local Circuit City, the dumbfuck cashier coulden’t ring up the DVD+R, so I went ahead and got the -Rs , here’s the discinfo read from my benq 1620


SONY08D1 seems to be very good media by the way, almost flawless reviews:


only people having issues are those using trash no-name brand dvd writers.


Yeah, same here: Got -R “white spacer”, “MIJ” and they were SONY08D1. Not very good media. Not worth taking back, but not worth burning anything important either. I guess my BenQ, LG and Lite-On are all trash burners.


I went to CC this morning right after they opened and could only find 2 spindles of MIJ +R’s. They had blank media scattered all over the damn store! I checked the 2 places that I saw the DVD’s right away and as I was leaving I saw they had some more in a 3rd place and that’s where the only 2 MIJ’s were.

Why can’t they just put it all in one place rather than trying to get people to wander around their store. That tactic doesn’t work to get me to look at and buy more things, all it does it piss me off.


I picked up two spindles of MIJ +R this afternoon. I had to hunt around for them too.


Ok, I also got -R and the same thing you got, should I take them back or keep em, Im confused :confused: