50pk Maxell +/-R media $19.97 at Office Depot

Anyone know what media code these woudl be? It’s hard to tell what speed they’re rated at from the ad.

Also, Best Buy has 50pk Verbatim 8X +/R discs for $19.99.

All sales begin today (11/28).

At any rate, they would be at least 4x. Maxell 4x DVD for US$0.4 is far better than anything else. If 8x, just even better.

I went to my Office Depot and all the DVD+R 50pk Maxell were made in taiwan and rated at 4x (I would guess RICOHJPNR01). They had 3 spindles of DVD-R 50pk Maxell which were made in japan. I got two spindles of the DVD-R, they are MXL RG02. I’m currently testing them out at 4x, 6x, and 8x on my Pioneer 108 wit nil’s firmware.

Just got back from my local office depot. the maxell i was able to find were 50pk dvd+rs and they’re only rated at 4x. in comparison, wouldn’t the verbatims be a better but for the same price with higher speed ratings?

One more thing, I found this coupon code in another forum, which will sweeten up the Maxell blanks a little bit. Add 3 packs of the Maxell 50pks (+ or -) and during checkout, use the coupon code 23896353 to get $10 off $50+ purchase. The total for me came to be $54.28 AFTER tax was added (shipping is free).


I just got a Made in Taiwan 50pk of -R. They were closing the store so I didn’t have time to scour the place for a Japan-produced spindle, but it looks like they were all from Taiwan.

Anyway, they’re RITEKG04. Hopefully they’re good ones and not some of the crap they’ve been putting out lately.

My local Office Depot only had 4x media. The DVD-R was a mixture of RITEKG04 and MXLRG02. I assume the +Rs were RICOHJPNR01, but I wasn’t in the mood for any of those media codes. Freaking Best Buys around here all out of the Verbatim 8x :frowning:

A nice burn on the Maxell G04s from my Pioneer 106D. A little high PO/PIF?

@ Two Degrees

Did you try shopping online? I bought my 50pk Verbatim 8X DVD-R from best buy online for $19.99 and shipping was free. had to pay tax tho, doh!

The Verbatim deal at Best Buy is for the NON-Datalife Plus and I thought those Verbatim disks were made by CMC?

If that is the case the Maxell is clearly the better buy.

lemmonl5, the Best Buy discs are MCC discs. Verbatim has all but dropped the Datalife and Datalifeplus brands. I have a spindle of the 8x -Rs, they are simply called Verbatim DVD-R but media code is MCC02RG20, and I previously had a spindle of the +Rs and they were MCC003.

just picked up some +R for $20, the sale is through Saturday. They were made in Taiwan, media code ROCOHJPN R01 :slight_smile:

I started to get one of the Maxell 4x +R spindles, but I had recently gotten a 25-disc spindle and they turned out to be Ritek R02, so I didn’t want to risk it.

I was at my local Office Depot yesterday (Thursday) and saw nothing but empty shelves for the +R. Plenty of -R but I don’t use -R discs.

I’m about to order 100 Verbatims DVD-R 8x with MCC02RG20 id to use with my Pioneer 106D.
I don’t know if i’m doing the right thing.

Please help me as soon as possible! :sad:

go here and see reviews of that particular media.Seems very good.


Verbatim 8x -R - 100 cakebox for $30 shipped after MIR here: