50gb burning problems img burn /nero 8

Hi There Everyone

I have some major problems and wishing for some help please

25gb burning no worries

50gb thats the drama i have 2 burners lg ggw h20l and Pansonic lf pb271 all updated firmwares etc

i have 5 50gb bd/re 3 tdk and 2 panasonic brands

The problems i have is that with img burn if i burn a iso of backup blu ray 25gb+ then when i play back on Pioneer lx70a player with most updated firmware

After half way or 3/4 way through movies they freeze up when i verify the burn it has read errors im thinking when it goes to next layer this is img burn

Nero 7 or 8 when burning with panasonic i leave bd defect option off and on it doesnt matter i keep getting read errors on the verfiying stage

I got a brand new motherboard on sunday thinking it was that but nothing has changed after new reformat etc

the panasonic burner in nero gives me the error “meduim format error” or “cant write disc at once mode” this is when i try and burn a new blu ray data disc with udf 2.50 and drag and drop “bdmv folder in” just like a 25gb single layer but that doesnt have a drama

or when i try and burn a iso with nero too same errors apply

but burns iso’s fine with imgburn ? weird

i can copy and paste the log but its massive

Anyone have any idea or tips i can try

it wont allow me to burn 1x only 2x which i think might solve my problems on both burners if i could burn 1x the slower the better?

thanks again

BD-RE DL compatibility has been an issue for me but on the other hand some other members I’ve seen successful.

Can you please check the MID of your Panasonic and TDK?

In this thread (click here) our member [B]2601[/B] stated that he has no problem burning BD-RE DL in his GGW-H20L firmware YL03 and it plays in his PS3.

I think [B]The Kipper[/B] also burned Panasonic BD-RE DL in his Sony burner and tested in Samsung Blu-ray player successfully but I might be wrong. Kipper?