5055GDL XVID and widescreen

So I play an Xvid encoded in widescreen. And it plays through a 4:3 letterbox!!! Completely ignores that it’s set to 16:9 widescreen in setup (though it’s fine with DVDs.)

It’s not a fault as I sent the unit back and the replacement did the same. I was running newest firmware.

Anyone know a workaround? :confused:

Yep, set the TV to 16:9

AVI can carry a widescreen flag but 99% of programs ignore it, this includes the 5055GDL. I usually encode all my AVI’s in letterbox format so I can play them on portable DivX players.

LOL it’s a widescreen TV. That’s the point. It’s a widescreen TV and a widescreen XVID and it still plays stretched out in letterbox. To make it look right I have to put my widescreen TV into 4:3 zoom mode, but that degrades the quality. If it gets a 4:3 XVID on the other hand it plays it full screen.

Annoyingly my old DK Digital player played XVID fine in widescreen.

The only solution I can think of is trick the 5055 into thinking it’s a fullscreen xvid. Not sure how to do that though. Anyone?