5055GDL flaws

Having used it for a month now, I’d say it does what it says on the tin, but its major failings are:

No AC3 audio support

No widescreen xvid playback except in letterbox

Intermittent vertical stripes on XVID playback, mostly seemingly associated with widescreen NTSC video

Annoying DV onscreen controls cannot be removed from monitor during DV throughput (though they don’t get recorded.) You have to record the DV input then play it back to watch it clean.

Any others?

add passing the pin8 scart signal while switched (not just when switched off) so the aspect ratio of tv signals continues to switch automatically correctly.

fails to pick up programme names for recordings
fails to put in correct thumbnails for recordings
horrible user interface that is slow and complicated to use and in some areas has no way of going back one step to correct a mis-key
cannot play one recording and start another

wish i could send it back. :a

The vertical stripes on XVID playback seem to be caused by combining composite capping and RGB playback. DVD Rips look fine.