5055 + samsung tv freeview problem

Hi Guys, really need some help with this one. I bought my parents the 5055 so they could get rid of all the different boxes under the tv. So now we just have a new samsung lcd tv with built in freeview, and the 5055.

The problem is, I can’t get the 5055 to see or recognise that there is freeview on the tv, I can’t even access the setup menu while freeview is switched on. I can scan and find all the normal chans perfectly, just not the freeview.

THe way I have them connected, is the aerial from outside goes into the 5055, then the aerial connector, goes from the 5055 to the tv. I then have a scart lead from the 5055 (bottom scart socket) to the rgb scart socket on the tv.

This is how the quick start guide told me to set it up, but I’m guessing to get freeview it needs connecting some other way?

Can anyone help please?

Welcome to freaks.
You need a good quality scart lead.
Also with the TV on a free view channel (12) go to ext source, your 5055 and go through the various av channels on the 5055 and see if it can see it. If not then you might have to use a separate free view box. Not a bad idea as then you can watch a different channel to the one you are recording. The 5055 doesn’t have a free view tuner if memory serves me right.

I would advise doing what weedougie mentions here, with using a separate freeview box for your DVD recorder. However, if you prefer to use your TV and the TV is capable of passing the decoded Freeview signal out of its Scart input, this will need to be connected to the DVD recorder’s top Scart port. Unfortunately, the bottom TV-Output Scart socket on the Lite-On cannot be used as an AV input. The top Scart socket does have one drawback in that it does not output RGB, which means that the picture quality shown on your TV will not be as good.

I can confirm that non of the Lite-On series has a built in freeview, at least at this time of writing. :disagree:


Thanks for your reply.

We put freeview on, then I pressed the source button which changes the tv to Ext 1 which it picks up as DVD so I’m assuming this is the right external source. But then how do I check all the different AV sources? I’ve pressed the source button on the 5055 remote, which goes through tv, scart front av etc, but it doesn’t pick up freeview on there. Is that where you meant?

We really want to avoid using a freeview box if possible as we bought this setup to reduce everything to just the tv and single box.

Did I check what you asked me to check? Do I have the boxes wired up correctly? Thanks for you help in this.

Just out of curiosity, what is the model # of your TV? This way I can download the manual to try and work out a solution.

The following steps are a few other methods you can try:

If your TV has only one Scart input:

[li]Connect the DVD recorder’s top Scart socket to your TV.
[/li][li]Switch your TV to any Freeview channel and then change the source to Ext 1.
[/li][li]Press the Source button on your DVD recorder until it selects the Scart Input.
With any luck, you will see the Freeview channel you selected just before changing the TV’s source to Ext 1. Just note that the picture quality using the top Scart port on the DVD recorder is not as good as the bottom Scart port due to only the bottom one outputting RGB.

If your TV has two Scart inputs:

[li]Connect the DVD recorder’s bottom TV-Output Scart socket to your TV’s 1st Scart socket.
[/li][li]Connect a 2nd Scart lead from the DVD recorder’s top Scart input to your TV’s 2nd Scart socket.
[/li][li]Switch your TV to any Freeview channel and then change the source to Ext 1.
[/li][li]Press the Source button on your DVD recorder until it selects the Scart input.
If this method works, you will be able to record Freeview, but with the advantage of using the DVD recorder’s TV-Output. Alternatively, if this still does not work, try swapping the Scart leads around on the back of the DVD recorder, such that its TV-Out connects to TV Ext 2 and AV-In connects to TV Ext 1.

One last note:

If either method above works, I would also recommend making a test recording with the TV put in standby to see if its internal Freeview decoder still runs with the TV off. From what I have heard, many TV’s with integrated Freeview that can pass the output to a VCR will only output the tuned in Freeview so long as the TV is actually on and tuned to either the Freeview channel or the external source.

Good luck with your setup. :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the advice, I’ll give it a try, will just need to borrow another scart lead from a friend to try it so won’t be until tomorrow. Yes, it does have 2 scart sockets on the tv, and lots of other socket types too.

The tv is a Samsung LE32R7BDX 32" lcd tv

Thanks again for the help, we really appreciate it.

Using a IDTV to record from is a pain. I used to do it until I decided a STB was better.

The TV has to be etiher switched on (muted sound is ok) to the recording channel or set a timer on the TV to send the signal while in standby. While switched on, you cannot change the channel or turn the TV off. The signal is sent through the scart lead to the correct AV input on the recorder. The quality is also only composite.

A STB is much better or have a recorder with built in Freeview.

I have the same TV set, and the same problem - at the moment I’m using a seperate set top box to work around it - hopefully we’ll find a way around it!


well… I kind of got it to work…

Using 2 scart leads between the dvd and the telly enabled me to pick up freeview through the dvd and record from it as I wanted. Tried both combinations, worked on the second. The first gave this weird effect where the menu seemed to melt into the background, looked pretty cool but wasn’t quite Prison Break or 24.

I put the tv on freeview, press the source key to change to ext 1, which brings up the dvd recorder. From there I change the dvd source from tv to scart and the freeview picture shows up and is pretty good quality, not perfect but definately watchable. I press record and away it goes, recording the freeview. unfortunately, that’s as good as it gets. Once I’m recording on the scart, I can’t change the freeview channel without it recording what I changed to, which was pretty much expected, but also, as stated you need the tv switched on to record the freeview.

After all this I convinced them to put in a freeview box, so they can record one freeview and watch another, they don’t have to leave the tv on, and it’s one less headache for me.

Thanks for all your help peeps, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: