5045GDL+ simultaneous recording/playback

Hello everybody.

I recently purchased the 5045GDL+ by Lite-On. I have come to understand, both by posts in this forum, and by using the unit myself, that you cannot record a program and at the same time watch another recording, or even a DVD. You can only watch the recording you’re making from its beginning. (Funnily enough, a PVR I used to have could playback everything BUT the program that was currently being recorded).

Anyway, my question is: Is there any firmware (official or un-official) that lets you do the afore-mentioned, or is it impossible to fix via firmware?


There are currntly no additional firmwares than the one that came shipped on your unit.

All liteon units have this specific problem currently, none of them can multitask (record & playback a different file)