5045 Replacement Hard Drive

My little project is continuing slowly. Today for the first time I put a standard retail Seagate 160 Hard drive into the Liteon and it worked perfectly.

Before that, I removed the hard drive from the Liteon and connected it to my computer via an ide cable. My pc would not recognize the drive on my external usb/ide converter so this step is required “for me.” ((Yes, I did remember to move the pins from cable select to master and that didn’t help.)) I then copied all the files over to the formated but blank hard drive. I then put the “new” hard drive into the Liteon and then cleaned up the hard drive. I have recorded new shows.

My initial concern was that the OEM drive in the Liteon has a model number ending in ACE which is not available to the retail market. Store bought Seagates are model numbers ending with just A. Doesn’t seem to make any difference though which does confirm what one guy at Liteon tech did tell me.

It saves SO much time to copy the Liteon hard drive to my pc’s hard drive rather than go thru RW dvd’s. Saves alot of time.

The ide connector within the 5045 is exactly 1 inch in lenth My external hard drive rack that I’d like to connect to this unit requires 1.25 inches. Does anyone know where I can get an ide externder cable? Its about the only type of adapter I haven’t seen via google (as yet!). Thanks.

OT. How are your DVD scans with this unit Leaglebob? I ask because I bought the 5115, and it’s going back. I wanted one with a HDD anyway. The scans are horrible. I posted some in the 5115 thread.

Actually. How do you like the unit in general?

Well, I hate to say this - - - but - - - I have read the “scan” posts here and elsewhere and have to admit I don’t understand them. I don’t think this is “just” my anti-lab based measurement bias as I try to be “objectively based.” Media compatibility has been an ongoing issue for me but finally I have settled on TY and TDK write once and Imation RW and I’m getting good burns-so I don’t care what the scans might show ((but as follows I assume they would be “acceptable?”)).

On to your ultimate issue==I own an ILo 05, Liteon 5005, and Liteon5045. All three have (had) good tuners. All three had sound/video synch issues until updated firmware was applied. All three had problems recording to RW media until sent in for repair under warranty. After said repair, media compatibility markedly improved and I am happy. After said repair, all three units now have a slight audio hum in the background. I now run all three thru seperate vcr tuners and record thru the alternate video sources on the units.

I record at the lowest bit rates and at these rates all three units are better than the 5-6 computer based solutions I tried.===So, given what the market offers, I accept the above as workable. NO problems with synch or cabbaging or lost frames. No tints. Scheduled recordings work fine. All told, even with these faults, the technology amazes me.

If you have a more specific question, ask away. If you have a source for using the scan programs that walks a newbie throught it, please let me know. I don’t actually rejoice in my ignorance.===bobbo.

  1. The 5115 has no problems with that.

  2. Yikes. Through a VCR? I would hope to eliminate the VCR altogether. That’s really not good.

  3. My Hauppauge 250 PVR card (PC) is great. Very good quality for around $100-150. Easy to work with too. I’m just looking for a TV based PVR now.

  4. Nero’s CD/DVD Speed (included with Nero) is great. Easy to use. if you have Nero, it’s in the tools folder. If you don’t have it you can download it for free. Test using the Disk Quality tab. Click on the floppy in the upper right hand corner to save a screen shot of it for posting.


You don’t install it. Just open it. Read the Media FAQ’s in the Media forum for great info regarding scanning.

Thanks for the information. :slight_smile:

I am debating about exchanging the 5104 I just bought for the 5045 - as I have a satellite box and I understand it is easier??? 4angel@olg.com

Hi Cheerio–I have both a 5005 and a 5045. The 5005 and 5001 appear very similar. In my case, the 5045 works essentially the same as the 5005 with the added benefit of recording to a hard drive. So the only difference is that on initial recording you have to choose whether to record to a dvd directly, or to record to the hard drive.

After recording to the hard drive, you can pick and choose what to record to a dvd–helps keeping 2-3-4 part series on the same disk which I like. I also like being able to record from the 5045 to the 5005 to finish up partially recorded disks. Right now an added benefit is the hard disk can record past a six hour limit of dvd’s==for instance, you can get 12 hours of “24” while you are asleep.

The 5045 then is a hard drive unit and much better. After that, the only issue is cost. Get both if you can swing it.///bobbo.