5045 - keeps dropping the TV connection

I’ve had my 5045 for just over a year now so the guarantee has run out!

When I first got it, when it was turned on it “captured” a channel on the TV (AV2) to use. When it was turned off it would then automatically release the TV back to the normal TV channels.

Now it does this occasionally, which isn’t a problem as I can change the TV manually, except I believe it’s a symptom of a really annoying problem.

When I am watching programmes back from the hard disc the recorder keeps letting the channel go and then recapturing it. Which means the TV is switching back and forth between channels. It can go for ages working fine and then it’ll start switching every 10 seconds or so making it impossible to watch anything.

It’s as if the recorder is telling the TV it’s on, then off, then on, etc…

I’ve tried removing all power and rebooting. I’ve tried changing the Scart lead from the recorder into the TV, and connecting it to a different socket on the TV but no change. Also tried upgrading the software.

Any clue? I’m thinking of buying a Sony instead!

I must have missed this post first time. I have exactly the same problem. You describe it very well. I have a Virgin/Telewest box, Sanyo TV and Lite-on. The conclusion I came to - and I know this may be wrong - is that it is somehow associated with my Virgin connection. I had the problem in Winter, but not in Spring/Summer. Now it’s started again, just last week. It ALWAYS coincides with very poor broadband internet speeds. It’s as if there is a surge in the cable signal which triggers the channel switching.

Not sure if this helps, but you’re not alone.