5045 Hacked Firmware Versions 197 & 201

With the inability to disable Macrovision in 203 and sparingly in 201, there has been a lot of e-mail sent to me requesting I send them version 197.
Do to much demand, I have reposted version 197 and 201 to my site. Version 203 is still there.

What exactly is the revision b version of 197 --my new 5045 came with 198 firmware install with it?

I own more then one 5045 --some more then a year old. Does 201 firmware allow recording --What does sparingly actually related to.

I have the LiteOn 5045 Protected Input Source error when recording from the TV with rabbit ears for an antenna… I want to get rid of that MacroVision copy protection. My current firmware is SN: 0132-0141-0197-B20B (100-0100). Should I use your hacked software of the same version (197RevB US) or should I go all the way to version 204 US? One time our thumbnails remained intact but they were not playing any files when selected. We lost everything. It was almost like the FAT was corrupted. Could these two problems be related? Is this a System Upgrade, Device Upgrade or both? We defrag often to maintain the integrity of the Hard Drive. Thanks.

Hi JJMcG, I own 4 ILO HD04 which is a clone of the 5045 with less features and half-size and works on the same system.

If you use the hacked 197b, it will disable the MV detector and make the 5045 region free.

If properly hacked, your SN will be 0132-0141-0197-B20B ([B]01[/B]0-0100), the first digit identifies the region, previously region 1, with the hack it’s now region 0, the second digit identifies the MV (0=enable, 1=disable).

What’s referred to sparingly is that some users have reported that the hack was not working on the 201 firmware. I’ve actually been successful in updating the hack 201 version on 3 of my friends 5045 using a new disc every time, the only common factor between the 3 units was that they were a second batch and named 5045A sold in Canada, so the issue might be when the units were produced.

Firmwares later than 197 seems to address media compatibility only, and attempts to prevent the hack to be applied, no system upgrades or fixes.

Your experience of loosing all of your recordings but not the thumbnails is actually due to defrag, it used to happen to me all the time when I used to defrag, the recommendation and practice now amongst ILO/5045 users is not to defrag anymore, it seems to be the cause.

What I would suggest would be to do a full erase of your 160 GB HDD when empty, I would move recordings on RWs and erase the HDD a couple of times then reload the discs to the HDD.

Of course you cannot erase the HDD if you’ve upgraded it to a bigger one, the only thing to clean up a bigger HDD is to bring it to the PC, reformat FAT32 at 64k clusters and reload the system files and put it back in the recorder.

Hope this helps.


Anybody know where I can get a copy of the Liteon ‘unhacked’ firmware version 197?

You’ll find both flavors of firmwares versions (hacked and not hacked) on the site link in the first post by Guitarman.

Sorry, I just checked and they’re no longer on the site.

For your information the hacked version has all of the fixes that the original has, the only difference is that the MV is disable and the Region code is dropped by one number ( in the US, that means region 0 (free)) everywhere else users must use the remote hack to adjust the region (press setup, cursor and sit on exit, press 2960 on remote and it opens up the region’s menu, pick “0”).

Thanks for the update. I am trying to get MV disabled so I can copy Videos. When I used the hacked 197 version, it did not work. It states on the hack merge site that the hack will not work after version 197 and that it should not be used with an already hacked firmware version…

Just some more info on the tool for you, the statement about “not to be used with an already hacked firmware version” relates to the ILO/Liteon smart hacker tool not to the firmware version installed on the 5045. What happens is that when you run the hacked firmware through the tool it actually reverses the process by switching the MV back on and drops the region one number lower so users thought that it was a bug with the program but not so, just user error by running the already hacked version through the tool.

As for the statement about not working after 197 is that the tool does work but it seems the hacked 201 (and higher) doesn’t work on all 5045 models or batches, I was succesful in updating 3 of my friends’ 5045s (model 5045A) to hacked 201 but other users have reported that it didn’t work on their 5045 but all is fine for everybody at the 197 level.

You can try burning and running the hacked 197 version again, might be just a bad burn. You do not need to revert the 5045 back to the original 197 to run the hacked firmware over again.

Hope this helps.