5045 and Invalid Discs

I have a LVW5045 which I bought as a multi regional player capable of playing both NTSC and PAL DVDs. I did’nt know at the time you could hack it to make multi regional. My wife has a large selection of DVDs from Thailand about 20% of which don’t play on this player. I either get an invalid disc or blank disc. These discs all play fine on my older Phillips player. I did a restore on the player after which I had to go back into the menu and rehack to all regions. I also did the latest firmware update 203. I can’t say for certain whether these percieved bad discs were ok prior to the restore and update since I can’t recall playing them in the 5045. I’ve read reports the Liteons can be finnicky with various media types any thoughts on whether this is the problem or did I screw something up. I did the firmware update to correct the greenish tint which seemed somewhat successful. Thanks for any pointers

Mark Solie