5045 and dubbing to +RW

I have a query about dubbing to DVD with the 5045.

So far every when dubbing a single title to DVD. It creates the title as expected but creates a phantom title of the same size. It is like in DVD Shrink where there is shared titles in the IFO’s. One is Title 1 and one it Title 3. They both report the same size and time length.

Also, the menu that is created shows title 1 as expected and a empty title that doesn’t do anything.

All DVD’s come out like this. So far, there has always only been on title being dubbed.

Has anyone seen this?

@nwg - i don’t have a 5045 but something like this has never happened on my 5005 when I went thru the firwire input from the camera. I don’t use rw media much though. You dub 1 movie and get 2 titles in the 5045 menu . Could the 2nd title be the remaining time left on the DVD…hmmm nah you said they are both the same size. I duuno, maybe another 5XXX user has seen this problem and can help ya.

I don’t have the 5045 now either as my Father has it.

He was trying to create a DVD-R using TMPGEnc DVD Author that has no menu. He couldn’t do it.

I ended up using DVD Shrink to reauthor the +RW and create a new DVD from it.

I wonder if there is a way to dub and not have a menu?

AFAIK anything recorded is going to have one when recording to a 5XXX. I guess reauthoring is the only way to go.

I suppose so.

He doesn’t use DVD Shrink but does have DVD2One. He could use that in movie only mode.

I’m not too bad at backing up my DVD’s and recording on my 5005 but I am just getting into the video editing stuff and just got TmpGenc DVD Author but have not played with it much.

@nwg - what version of shrink you using? I have and when I try to open up a dvd that is finalized on my 5005 I get “Invalid DVD Navigation”