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Is there any chance you can easily change the hdd in the 5026 for a bigger one, is the machine configured only for that drive? please reply



Ive got a 5026GHC+ the last run of this model number that had Divx and MP4 playback. It came with a seagate 80GB drive. I tried a couple of different 160GB Samsung drives, but it just came up with a comtact the service centre warning and would not allow any progress beyond this point. I also tried a couple of smaller drives, just out of interest, a 5GB and 13GB by Fujitsu and Maxtor and these were not recognised at all. So a simple swap seems not as simple as it should be. Looks like there may be a restrction in the software on the 5026. I dont think the disk needs to be formated in any special way as I had an 80GB seagate drive running in my PC and I took this out and put it in the 5026 and it allowed full use straight away.

This dont answer your question, but just to tell you of my experience.

yep, as you say it not need special format from PC… if you try it the STB erase the disk and re-create one in 80GB original format. i think is a firmware protection… now… is possible to connect a bigger HD and Update Firmware to inmediate superior model and try to format it :? ?


I thinkin’ in format a new 200GB disk and copy (as xbox disk upgrade) current FAT32 structure on it and it’s possible to work.

if any try this idea can answer here :wink:

hehehe… it’s working!!!

I have now 87 Hours in SP with 200GB Hard Disk, only remember not ERASE or DELETE ALL if you not want to re-create this HD with PC another time.

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Not quite up to speed with the terminology of this forum–
Can you give me a step-by-step guid to upgrading the 5026 Hard drive.

  1. ERASE original HD from TOOLS menu.

  2. Extract and backup in a PC HD all content … about 5GB.

  3. on PC new bigger HD you have to:

a) create one big partition and format as FAT32,
b) rename label as LITEONFAT
c) copy ALL data from brackup in it new disk.

and when you connect it new disc in you DVD recorder… you have a new bigger hard disc only have to prevent ERASE/DELETE from Tools Menu, because that it recreate LITEON Structure to 80GB.

well i think if it work for me, will work for you :slight_smile:


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I think even I can follow those instructions…

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what firmware was on your 5026 when you did this upgrade, I just tried a 5026 using uk firmware v204, but on power-up i get the error “error code 0x810d0004”.