5025 New Hard Drive

Hi folks,

Can I change the 80GB drive in the 5025. If so, what size, type and how do you do it?

Corrie :bigsmile:

hello. I need aid. it has been buying east recorder to me for a month and for which me cost I am very very contented. only one beats that it did not hope to me, thought that serious simple to change to him he is hd, and the simple truth if that is, the complicated thing is that me it recognizes it, I put one to him of 320 gb, and single recognizes 80 to me gb, (that is the amount with which venia the apparatus). Somebody something knows porfavor. thank you very much

As far as I’m aware of, a Lite-On HDD+DVD recorder is only able to format up to the capacity of the hard drive the model features. For example, if you replace the hard drive in an LVW-5025 with a 160GB HDD, it will only create and format an 80GB partition.

On the other hand, I have come across other users who found that with the help of a special formatting method on a PC, it is possible to get the Lite-On to recognise the full capacity. For example, in this thread, a user mentions how he got his LVW-5045 to see the full capacity of his 400GB replacement HDD. :wink:

Seà n., Thank you very much by the connection., now to digest it little by little, because I do not have nor idea of English and I must be translating. to have if I clarify myself. thanks.