500gig HD 115.99 at Newegg

I just ordered one of these. Simply to store all my backups. 16mbs of cache. I think its about as cheap as you can get fro a 500gig HD.

Use code EMC529DHD50 to save another $5 on this HDD. And it’s $114.99 before with free shipping. :smiley:

These prices are getting so low, I don’t see why the oems do not put these drive in their machines. Imagine buying a store bought computer with a Terabyte of HDD space. At these prices it should be just as cheap as the one with 250gig.:iagree:

No kidding! I don’t know how Dell can put 160gig drives in and still get ppl buy them for close to $900.

Opps… forgot about all the ppl that refuse to educate themselves.

These are damn good drives! Good find Alan. I have 2 already and I love 'em. I just got this one as well. Thanks for the coupon code jhtalisman! :flower:

These drives are cool, fast and quiet!! :cool:

$119.99 for 500gb serial ata/300 Seagate on Fry’s ad this week. Which one better?

I would go with the Samsung , if its any consolation I have a Seagate and this one and the Samsung is about as good as it gets ( in my opinion):iagree:

I have both, the Samsung is a little quieter during normal operation, the Seagate is quieter during intensive read/write cycles.

Thanks for the info Alan! :slight_smile: I use one of those. It’s fast and quiet. I’m going to order another one. :bigsmile:

Hi orih0301: I had a feeling you had one also, but I was not sure, these are great HDD and for 500gig you cannot go wrong. Great HDD and a 3 year warranty to boot.:iagree: