500GB Hard Drive For $169.99 @ Fry's Today

Fry’s Electronics has the following among other things on sale today:

  1. Maxtor Hard Drive 500GB for $169.99

  2. Kingston DDR2 PC4200 Dual Memory for $99.99

Even if I had the money for that drive, I would have to order online and wait for delivery etc etc… Postal service, UPS and FedEx have been real unreliable lately.
Plus, since I am still saddled with a PATA board, I’d have to purchase an ATA controller card.

But man… I would love to have it. Dedicate the entire drive to my capture card.

You can take the ad to Staples, CC or Compusa and ask for price match in case you don’t have access to Fry’s in your area. The following is the ad.

They will price match without one being in the same area? Strange?

but you cant beat that price!!!

The people have tried it and succeded you can try it too you won’t lose any thing.

I personaly wouldn’t rely on anything but Seagate drives, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:


I have been using %90 of the time Maxtor hard drive and have never had single phisical drive failure.

Every Maxtor I’ve ever had has bit the dust.
When I was a tech the largest percentage of dead drives we saw were Maxtors but all hdds fail, it’s just a matter of when.

I’ve never had Maxtor drives , but every single drive that my friends had failed at them .
I would only buy WD , 10s of WDs withought any single faliure (except for 3 drives failed because of crappy PSUs) .

Seagate is also very good from what I hear , but can not defeat WD in speed

Just in case you don’t want to spend $169.99 they have the 300GB Maxtor back for $79.99 with free shipping again. I think a lot of people missed the deal a few weeks back but they have it back again, so order soon or the deal will be gone again. It’s on outpost.com main page; here’s the link


Mine is working great so far. But I believe the one on sale is a PATA. Need another SATA.

I wonder how long would take to reformat this 500GB drive when you have to.

If you don’t need to re-partition and you can just do a quick format, seconds. :slight_smile:

etp, the one on sale clearly states that it’s SATA.


That is the quick format which is not recomanded by any one since quick format won’t delete any hidden file on the drive tht is why you should always do deep format.

Seagate drives perform much better than WD when dealing with SATA300 speeds.

Forensics software should be able to get files off of a hard drive even when it’s been repartitioned and (long) formatted.

As I understand it, the only way to truly wipe a drive clean is to write it all to zeros or ones. WD Diags will do this. Should also clear up any bad sectors if they exist. They could also use a DOD level file shredder, but it takes a very long time if there is a lot of data.

When you do fresh and clean install window the hard drive will be reformated with Zero writing and also Maxtor software does the same thing.

Damn, that is one hella low price and serial ATA at that! Good find! :eek:

Best Buy had one for $159 two months ago. I am waiting for the 300 for $79 deal again.