500A firmware update

There is new firmware for the Sony 500A DVD +/- recorder. It jumped from 1.0g to 2.0e. The notes say that it now supports 4X writes to DVD+R media, among other things. I though it already supported 4X +R writes with the last flash. Anyone know more about this. I installed it with no problems.

@bobpenn: First welcome to the forum, and thank you for your post.

According to Sony: Firmware Upgrade 2.0e
1.) Allows your Dual RW drive to record at 4X on 4X compatible DVD+R media.
2.) Improves reading and writing performance and reliability.
3.) Reduces vibration noise for the discs with unbalance or eccentricity.

Above is the official statement from Sony’s website. I know that:
1.) Has been in effect since 1.0f version of the firmware.
2.) Is a general statement which every firmware upgrade promises.
3.) Speaks for itself, provided you had a vibration problem.

I guess we will just have to wait and see whether or not any features we now have disappear or not. It does put the X series drives, the ones that write 4X DVD+R out of the box, and the original drives under the same firmware.