5007 vs. newer models

Like many others, I bought the 5007 at sears because of the 135.00 price tag.

Used the lite-on computer burners and loved them.

So, as my first standalone, I am reading these posts and a little nervous.

I only want the 5007 to dub home movies off of 8mm tape. Am I going to run into problems?

SHould I bite the bullet and buy a newer model? I’ve dubbed one movie so far and seems all right. My only grievance is for a menu screen it only shows one chapter.

Sorry if these questions are to “newbie”.

Thanks for reading,


Cant speak for the 5007 but the 5005 does this job well enough for me.Some people have had trouble with non macrovision tapes being detected as Macrovision tapes but I think the latest firmware has gone some way to resolving it.Mine is not a digital 8mm video camera/camcorder though.I have the hacked firmware version to remove Macro.but didn’t notice any real problems before hacking.If you have tapes already,that you need to copy.I would run as many off as you can in as short space of time so that any problems that are going to appear,will appear…When copying,the only way to get more titles (or thumbnails) is by stopping the recording and restarting.A useful feature would have been the ability to create a thumbnail ‘on the run’ but i guess we’re looking to a future model to provide such luxuries…Isn’t Sears a U.S.company?.. so thats 135 dollars??..An equivalent machine in the U.K. would work out at around $300!!

Thanks for the response. So do I have to literally push stop to create a thumbnail or can I just pause it.

Yes. That is 135.oo US dollars. Check sears.com, they were on sale for 150 plus an additional 10%off (sears always puts these additional percentages for some reason.)

Thanks, Jeremy

I also purchaed this unit with a primary goal of using it to create DVD movies of my 8mm video tapes. I have yet to do that but have spent time learning the quirks of the unit and feel the quality of the video has been really nice BUT the audio output is low coming out of the line (red & white) RCA outputs. It is so much lower than the normal TV signal you have to turn up the volume until you can hear noise in the signal. Something is definately weird with that but I’ve read this is a common problem so replacing/sending it back is unlikely to fix that. The volume IS normal when you play recorded materials back on another unit so it clearly is a playback issue with the electronics. Also, the TV Guide feature makes the unit like a Tivo without the subscription charges for the programming data. :slight_smile: I plan on converting those 8mm (plus some older VHS) tapes to a RW disk and then using a pc to convert and edit. I’ll let you know how that goes when I get some done.

yep,with the 5005,you only create a title/thumbnail when you start a recording from a ‘stopped’ position(not from pause).It’s a pain, but it’s the only way.You can manually insert chapter points by pressing ‘edit’ at the desired point in the recording.This doesn’t create a thumbnail but just allows you to ‘fast forward’ through the disc finding the chapter points on the way.Under ‘set up’(record),you can also set the machine to insert these chapter points at 5,10,15 minutes etc…You probably know most of this and if the 5007 is different,then just ignore all this!..by the way,it might be worth checking that your recorded discs play on anything else you want to play them on.There have been some compatability issues.Some discs dont like older players.

My recorded disc has played on both my Pioneer standalone dvd player and my Liteon Dvd Drive in my computer.

Question, what is the best sotware for encoding the dvd file into a editable digital video file???

Thanks, Jeremy