5007 S-video input

The 5007 doesn’t reconize my cable box so I use the manual setup for
If I set it up for RF input everything works OK.
In order to get a better recording I connected my cable box to the
5007 recorder using S-video. When I tried to program a recording
session the unit would not accept it, it said that was not a valid station.
I set input on both the setup and manual recording for S-video.
Anyone using s-video in?

Not a direct answer, but on the off chance this helps. I haven’t tried S-Video input yet but can see why they might think that you would never (wrong in this case) want to do atimed recording through the S-Video.

I was told that the Input type setting should be to cable in the US. My 5006 would not find more than 3 to 6 channels. Happened with two units. Lite-On Customer Service said the IRC and HRC were European stabndards, not of use in the US. Went through two units before I bull-headedly tried the auto-setting using IRC and HRC. Turned out ComCast cable in my area north of Chicago matched the HRC setting and it worked perfect.

You are probably right. Thanks for the reply.