5007 Poor TV Picture quality

I have a 5007 hooked up to an OTA antenna. I get a very strong signal and most of my stations come in crystal clear when using my TV.
Here’s what’s odd about my 5007 - when I view TV through the unit, the picture is kinda snowy, not nice and sharp and clear. My recordings are fine, nice and clear like the TV tuner shows them.
I have my antenna come into the 5007, then out to the TV. I use the L/R audio and S-video outputs on my 5007. I set my TV (a Sony Wega Trinitron) to Video 1 to watch 5007 content, including watching Tv using it’s tuner.
The tuner in the 5007 seems to be fine - otherwise my recordings would look bad. Is there something wrong with my set-up? Any suggestions?


It seems like there may be either an issue with the coaxial RF cable between the LiteOn and the TV or there is a bad connection on the RF socket itself or its internal soldering. To determine if this is likely the case, turn on a TV channel with a ‘snowy’ picture and try jiggling the connection at the back of the TV and player to see if it affects the picture. Another possible issue may be caused by the RF modulating channel the LiteOn is set to, particularly if you only experience a poor picture on just one or two channels. This is intended to allow the LiteOn to be hooked up to old TVs that don’t have AV inputs, however as it is not needed in your case, you can try changing this to another number or turn it off (if it gives the option).

Otherwise, I would recommend trying another RF cable between the LiteOn and TV, such as a known good one from a VCR. If a replacement cable does not resolve the issue, then an alternative would be to connect a Y-splitter to the RF wall socket, connect one port to the TV and the other to the LiteOn. :wink:

I don’t think it is my RF cable. The 5007 only serves a a “pass through” for my rf cable signal. The signal comes in from the antenna, to the 5007, out of the 5007 and then to my TV. The picture on my TV looks fine when I am using the TV tuner, even if the 5007 is on.
The snowy picture occurs when I am viewing using the 5007 tuner. The 5007 only outputs through component (or composite and s-video) jacks.

I had the same problem you have…My 5007 also had nasty reception. From what I hear, the Lite-On don’t really have great tuners… I purchased an ajustable cable signal booster and now the picture is crystal clear.

I didn’t cost me much (20$ CDA) and the booster is ajustable…

Thanks for the advice, isomni4k. I’ll try that.
I still find it odd though that my recordings from tv broadcast are very clear.