5007 locks up on Chapter 1

I rented some DVD movies to try out the 5007 DVD recorder/player.
On two of the three DVD’s I tried to play the machine would get
to the start of the movie and lock-up. I had to unplug the unit to
restore use of it.
On one of the movies I started it in chapter 2 and backed it up
until the credits ended and was able to watch it.
On both of the problem DVD’s the previews and warnings played,
then when the movie started it locked up at chapter 1 01.
Anyone else have this problem?

Search for issue of playing ARCCOS copy protected discs.

Try searching this forum and Google.

I think ILO (OEM version of LiteON) has a firmware fix, but nothing I know of for the 5xxx series yet.

What movies were you trying to watch.

The two that locked up were Forgotten and Little Black Book.