5006 Video 'jerks' in US

I’ve had three 5006s so far after going through the pain of working with an Apex 9200 from Amazon. Boy, can I pick 'em :Z

I have a couple questions but will post them separately.

I was on my third 5006 (tuner problems with my local ComCast COAX-based cable) when I saw the notes about jerkiness in video from the tuner when monitoring from the composite output. I do see jerks (not talking about TV talent here) selectively on some channels and it seems it only begins after I have been on the channel for a while. Flashing to the newest firmware did no good.

I have a theory about what is going on. I think this might be a design issue more than something failing. Here’s my theory based on some knowledge of MPEG compression techniques. The video passing through the machine appears to be passing through at least part of the MPEG encode/decode process. Full bandwidth video gets compressed during this process. I think what is being seen as jerks is when the compression has fallen behind and it needs to drop a few frames to catch up.

Interestingly I only see this when monitoring a live video through the video out. (I can only check composite, I don’t have an RGB monitor.) I haven’t seen this amount of dropped frames in the playback of video I’ve recorded with the units. It looks like the engineers decided to sample the video fed to the output after it has gone through some of the A/D conversion. I’d be happier if they would have just looped the video input to the video output and done the same with the audio. They probably had their reasons. It messes up my plan since I expected to use the 5006 as my cable tuner and run the output to my TV for normal channel viewing.

This could have something to do with the processor running hot, but I have seen it with the cover off. BTW, one chip has the 1" square black heatsink on top. I also have the two silver heatsinks on what I think are voltage regulators. Procudtion date of my latest 5006 is September 2004 and the drive is the DDW-451S. Prior to this I had a November 2004 unit with the DDW-813S drive. I think it is more that it takes a while for the system to ‘fall behind’ and starting to drop frames. The finer the detail and the greater the movement in the video, the more difficult the job the compression system has to do. That seems to fit with what I’m seeing. Less sharp video and video with less movement doesn’t seem to exhibit the ‘jerks’ as much if at all.

BTW, I haven’t yet seen evidence of the ‘green’ problems mentioned. I wonder if that could be limited to the non-US units?

Does this make sense to those who have seen the jerks problem?

Here are my 2 cents on this. I got the 5006 rom radioshack as well and updated with the hacked firmware.
First, Everything that I burned had a green tint to it and horizontal lines and some shaky or jerky pictures. I emailed the tech support and they said that it was a faulty machine and I should return it. Just before I put the machine back in the box I thought that I would do one more test. I unplugged all cables and switched them with newer ones. Now, everything I taped is very clear and nice.
I noticed the green tent problem during playback but it is not a huge problem.
I would return this unit in a heartbeat I can find something that could be hacked easily to make it region and macrovision free.

If you have used the same cables on all the machines that you had, then try to get new ones and see. Maybe this will help.

I wish you the best.

I had a lot of problems with the original 5005 and returned it to Lite On for a replacement. Waiting for my new one I read in this and several other forums of the problems we have with the 5005. Hex Mechanic gave me the best info of all. Use quality cables and keep the unit cool. I’m now useing Monster cables and pulling the unit out of the media center to aid in cooling. Knock on wood not another problem after copying 10 family VHS tapes to DVD. Another thing I found out was that I was very aggresive with the remote. The 5005 would hang up if I didn’t give the 5005 time to catch up with it’s processing. I now wait for the 5005 to signal with that sqaure box in the upper right corner before procedeing. It works for me.

:bow: Are you saying you cant remove the region and macrovision on the 5006 ?

Hi Joeperez

If you’re referring to a line in Andy8888 post then I think you’ve just misread it.

The 5006, as with all models, can be made Region free (or changed to any region) and Macrovision can be overcome to allow you to make a backup copy of your legally owned material.