5006 screwing up disks with new firmware

Basically it has done this twice both since the latest firmware (101) and this is what it does, I insert a DVD+R which has already been formated and used, but instead of reading it back as a DVD+R it sees the disk as blank so attempts a preparation on the disk once complete it flashes up “invalid disk” which is promptly replaced by “no disk” the computer also fails to see the disks using nero easy cd and isobuster.
the disks haven’t changed in the last 6mths. they are all part of a 100pk Tuffdisk. I haven’t had the computer misread a disk or make such an annoying screwup as to re-prepare a disk, I don’t understand why it does it the first time was a couple of weeks ago, and the unit is forever getting disks which have been part used and just happy to record to them. so my main question is does it do this just to wind me up ? could there be a bug in the firmware for the drive or system ?

anyway thanks for any help that can be shed on this.

@nicKK - Have you cleaned the burner lately with a CD/DVD lenscleaner? The 5XXX’s will drive you crazy, you know that :slight_smile: . I had the same problem with 0098 and my 451s and the media I was using, I clean the lens regularly and it still had trouble with the media that I used over a 100 of. The 832s and 0098 are doing fine with it now.

I don’t know if in the firmware it is a timed or try thing, that if the media is not recognized it tries to prepare it if doesn’t recognize it. I suggested to LiteOn that 5XXX’s prompt the user before attempting to prepare media just in case it was media that was used before and had data on it already. 0101 came out and it does the same thng so I don’t thnk they listened.

Is it the stock burner that came with your 5006 and which burner firmware is it, g2bd or B20G?

we are still using the stock Burner and Firmware B20G - it is strange since i never had this problem with any of the 5005’s yet I have to admit most were returned within 4 weeks due to green issues and a slight amont of shaking. we are now in week 6 which some have reported as being bang or bust for the drive ?

I shall run one of the cleaning DVDS through ( wet system)
and see if it happens again

I hope it works out for you with the cleaning!

My 5006 bought a few weeks ago is doing the same thing. Write a disk, take the disk out and later try to put it in again to record another program and it goes into preparing mode.

I upgraded the firmware to what ever is the latest on Liteons site. Still the same problem.
I think that it is a problem with the drive and thus I am going to return it.

you can try
A CD/DVD cleaniing disc
A different brand or type of media
Installing fw 0098
Hooking up a computer DVD burner just to try it

Good Luck

Is the media your using in the media code table of the firmware? What is your setup screen serial number you used to get the update and what is it after the update? My 5005 did the same thing with a few brands of media I had used for months and then it started to prepare them again, I started to use the protection button but wound up replacing the drive after I ran out of the Prodisc media it was working with. Your machine is only a few weeks old, if it’s not the media take that bad boy back to the store for an easy exchange.

Mine has just started doing it again !! still the stock burner and still the 101 firmware with B20G for the drive

The cleaning seems to work for a few weeks, The media at present is the Tuffdisks but also did it to a DVD+RW from Verbatim

But one thing seems common in my case if the disk is nearer to being full it is more likely to wipe it. Once it does one disk to annoy me it goes back to being normal.

It has done it again !! the disk used is still the tuff disk family Manufacture ID is MCC 003 checked with Liteon who have the MCC 002 listed but not 3 and this disk also follows the pattern I have - It will record till nearly full and then re prepare the disk (this one had 30 mins spare ) This time it was LP but has also done it in SP HP and SLP the lens was cleaned 30 mins before the recording and the disk is clean as well. This is really a annoying problem since it goes for weeks without incident and then just screws a disk

Have you protected the recordings?
Edit - Protection - On

I generally forget then it screws the disk,

Now using Verbatiums 8x stll the same MCC 003 code

The new Sony ask’s if you want to format the disk !!

it even came up and said " can’t read the disk " for one from the liteon but didn’t try to format it !!