5006 problems

Just got the LVW-5006 from Radio shack for 200 few days ago. Easy to setup and easy to use.
I did the firmware upgrade with the hacks and everything works fine.
My problem is that I have noticed some flickering horizontal lines from time to time when recording from any device (DV camera IEEE, VCR, Direct TV, other DVD player). Also, sometimes when the screen is dark, there is green hue around the edges. The thing this dose not happen all the time, just from time to time.
I have see few post about this. What is the remedy? This unit have a manufacture date of 11-04.

I still have 20 + days to return it. Any other models or brands that work decent with no problems and that can be made Macrovison and region free?

BTW, I have updated the firmware only. There was another download for the drive but did not do that yet, what is it for?

quick update on this. I emailed the tech support of lite-on and they said to return the unit and exchnage it with a new once since it is defective.

one more update. Last night I thought that I would do one more test before I return the unit as the tech support suggested.
So I disconnected all cables, cleaned them up and hooked them again. No green tint and no horizontal flickering lines.
I taped few things on various speeds and different sources and the pictures were much better with no noticeable distortions. I compared the DVDs that I taped before and the new ones, and I can see a significant difference.
I will wait and see if this was one time thing or if the problem occurs again.