5006 - "preparing"

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This is a follow-up to my previous post.

I was successful (according to Roxio) in erasing (using my PC) a +RW dvd recorded with my lite-on (3 hr mode). I used the “thorough erase” function, which took about 30-40 minutes. Disc read as a blank +RW afterward by Roxio.

But when I inserted that disc back in Lite-on recorder, it did not read it right away. Instead it “prepared” the disc for at least 20 seconds.

Then it showed “fail” and read it as an “invalid disc.”

Went back to my PC, and cannot get either Roxio or Plextools to even read the disc now. It seems intuitively obvious to me that the “preparation” by my Lite-on recorder rendered the blank +RW unreadable by the lite-on and my PC.

  1. Am I wrong in thinking that blank +RW’s should not be “prepared” when inserted into the 5006?
    I thought they are immediately read and ready for a recording. I know a blank dvd-r is “prepared” when inserted, before it can be recorded to.

  2. Is this “preparation” most likely due to a faulty disc reading by the drive when the erased +RW is inserted? And if so, why will it read a brand new +RW, but not the same disc after it has been used for one recording and erased?

  3. And last, do you think is this further confirmation of a dirty lens or bad drive, or does this possibly indicate a different problem that a new drive will not correct?

If this suggests a problem other than with the drive, I 'd like to avoid the trouble of opening, cleaning or replacing the drive, only to then discover the machine still does not perform properly due to some non-drive problem.

Thanks for any further analyses and/or advice you can provide.

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RW media don’t need to be prepared, but the PC not reading the disk now likely indicates a bad disk. Roxio could be the problem, but I have little experience with it. However, I and many others use and recommend Nero 6 which is available from http://www.surpluscomputers.com/store/Main.aspx?p=ItemDetail&item=SWW12252 for just $5 with free shipping and from others. Just Google search for “Nero 6 OEM Suite” for other sources. Be sure to uninstall Roxio before installing Nero if you do decide to try Nero since they are incompatible and problems will result otherwise. You might try cleaning the lens, and I’ve seen mixed results for whether that helps.

I’m not an expert but when I erase my +RW media in NERO full erase and then put it in the DVD recorder it preps the disk too. I think that this is normal. As for the drive my advice is to replace it. But first find out what drive is in the 5006. The Liteon burner that I put in my 5005x came from my computer with about 3 years use. I bought a new burner to replace the one I took out of my PC. I just bought another burner to do a replacement in my other 5005x. I’ll still have another one in my computer for future replacement if needed. If you like your 5006 replace the drive. If not get another DVD recorder. Its not a secret all the drives in the Liteon DVD recorders are substandard. The new burners are only $30 - $35. Thats better than buying a new DVD recorder.

My 5005 came with DW451S drive which was replaced with SHM-165P6S for $27.49 plus shipping from NewEgg. NewEgg currently shows the SOHW-1693S for $40 plus shipping. They also show the SHW-160P6S and SHM-165H6S currently out of stock for $31 each plus shipping; however, they have auto-notify for out of stock items by which they email you as soon as the item is back in stock if you want to save a few bucks off the SOHW-1693S price. FYI NewEgg also shows the 5006 in stock for $90 plus shipping if you wanted to replace the entire unit, but replacing the drive is best option given short lived original burners IMO. The 3 drives I mentioned have been replaced by various 5005 users and may be suitable for 5006 drive replacement depending on actual burner in the 5006.