5006 - How to pick best replacement drive?

My 5006 has Lite-On drive DDW-813s.

I have seen the replacement drives sticky, but how do I pick which one is best to replace my original drive?

Available on NewEgg now are 10 IDE units, some labeled retail, some OEM. Price varies only about $10.

Hints on how to pick best one. Does it matter? Can I just pick the one that is the right color and has the best reviews?

I’m inclined to pick the most expensive, since there isn’t that much difference.

Thanks for any advice.

The most expencive is not always the best. I just picked up a LH-18A1P for a drive replacement that I’m doing tomarrow. I paid $34.63 shipped from Newegg. I can report back tomarrow how good this replacement is if you want? I would think any of the Lite On IDE models should work BUT no one can be sure until someone trys the burner.

Thanks, Doc

I’d appreciate your assessment after installing and trying out your LH-18A1P.

I noticed some reviewers noted “noisy” on a few of the lite-on drives. And for other models, reviewers commented about them being very quiet. Can one lite-on vary that much from another, or is that just reviewer differences of opinion?

Also, curious whether the original drive in the recorder (mine is Lite-on DDW-813s) is of any concern when selecting a replacement.

I have no interest in Lightscribe, but is a drive with that technology better, worse, or the same as one without Lightscribe, as a replacement drive in a dvd recorder?

Thanks again for any helpful advice.

I’ll post the info. tomarrow afternoon for you. The drive in my other recorder was model DDW-451s. Not sure about the recorder I’m doing tomarrow. Noise?? That is a matter of opinion. I think that the 1693 is louder than the 160P6S-04 that is in my computer. The noise isn’t a problem for me because I’m not sitting on top of the recorder when I use it. I even have the burner mounted on top of the machine. Its not that noisy. The reason I mounted it on the top is if I ever have to change it again it will be a snap to change. Another reason is because of heat. I think that the burner will last longer not being trapped inside that hot case. Just my opinion.

Ok I replaced the drive in the DVD recorder with a Lite-On LH-18A1P-185 DVD burner and here is my opinion;

very quite better than the 1693 & 160 that I have

Every thing works but not FF this is normal on burners after 1693

Very happy with this replacement burner

I would recomend this burner as a replcement because it is quiter than the origional drive that was in the recorder. Remember to hook it up in your PC, update the firmware for the burner and play a comercial DVD to set region code. Take it out of the PC and hook it up to DVD recorder and your done. I mounted it outside the case just because it is the easiest thing to do. If you want to put it in the case with a few modifications it can be done. Also remember to set it as MASTER before installing in the DVD recorder.

Have you tried creating VCD/SVCD recording? That’s actually unimportant to me since I’m unterested in VCD/SVCD, but others may be interested in VCD/SVCD recording.

Yes I did and it will not record a VCD or SVCD. It will play them and it erased a CD but didn’t copy. I also noticed that this burner is not as hot as the other two burners when recording. I’m thinking about getting one of the 20x burners to replace the 1693 burner that is noiser and burns hotter. No one has tried any of the 20x burners yet. If it don’t work in my DVD recorder I’ll put it in my computer. At least we’ll all know if a 20x works or not. I’ll post it when I do it.

Thanks a lot Doc for all the great info.

You got the OEM - anything come with it?
Any trouble with the firmware update in your PC?

Interesting you found the LH-18A1P-185 quiet and not as hot. NewEgg reviewers scared me a little calling it noisy.

Is there any advantage to having a really fast burner in a dvd recorder?

Do you plan to remove the replacement drive and put it back in a PC to update firmware in the future?

Thanks again for all the good info.

Yes I bought the OEM.

I only updated the firmware because it was hooked to the computer otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered

I don’t have much faith in reviews unless everyone is having the same problem. Some reviews are written by people that think they are smart and don’t really know what they are talking about.

I couldn’t beleave how quite this one is and its warm to the touch but not hot like my other burners. Maybe I just got a perfect one.

There is no advantage to having a faster burner that I know of. Its more a matter of finding ones that will work as replacements. I noticed the 160 & 165 models are getting harder to find at a good price. Some of the 18x & 20x IDE models are a good price when you can get them with free shipping. I saw a 20x on Newegg the other day for under $30 with free shipping.

No I have no plan to update firmware anymore unless it gives me a problem.

Hope this helpped you out and let us know when you get yours done. When I try the other burner I’ll post the results.

Muchas Gracias,

I’ll update this thread in a week or so, after I get mine installed.

By the way, I don’t care about recording VCDs or even CDs with this recorder, but I am a little curious why your’s won’t do that.

Assume you had no problems with any dvd media, including RWs.

One more thing I meant to mention before - my 5006 has a small cooling fan, but I understand most or all 5005s don’t have one. Is that true?

Thanks again for all the great help.

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From the DR.PAUL LH-18A1P-185 experience it seems to me performance of units appear to be declining the further past 1693 LiteOn models tried, i.e. no VCD/SVCD and hangs on FF. Sooner or later a point may be reached where functionality becomes unacceptable, and it’ll be interesting to see how the 20X project works.

Yesterday when I opened my 5006, I was surprised to see a Sony logo on the drive that came with it (DDW-813s).

Not sure what that means, but has anybody tried a Sony as a replacement drive?

Might my Lite-on dvd recorder be set up for a Sony, rather than a Lite-On, drive?

Also, is it true that Lite-On is no longer making dvd recorders, and how will that effect future firmware updates?

Maybe LiteOn uses drives that didn’t meet Sony’s quality stantards to be able to sell their recorders very cheap. :stuck_out_tongue:

The 5005x has a small cooling fan. I am still testing media in the unit. So far everything is OK. The only thing I still have to try is time record. I’m going to set it to tape two shows tonight that have 2 hrs between them. If it starts, stops and 2 hrs later starts then stops I be happy with this replacement. I haven’t heard of anyone trying a Sony burner. It would be nice to know but I would hate to see it not work for you when a Lite-On burner is proven replacement. I’ll be looking for your post.

From what I’ve read Sony burners have been made by Benq and LiteOn in the past and are currently made by NEC if I recall correctly. The Sony you found in your recorder I would guess was made by LiteOn. Results for Sony replacment would likely depend on who actually made the drive for Sony.

I bought a 160 a month or so ago in anticipation of the original drive going out on my 2 year old 5005. I’m hoping that I won’t have any issues with RPC or M* though. Ignoring RPC is essential, Ignoring M* is almost essential. :cool:

By RPC and M* I assume travelguy means region free and macrovision free. There’s no problem with either as long as 5005 firmware has been updated to 0098 or older hacked firmware, the 160 is set as Master and RPC is turned off for the 160 drive by connecting to the the PC before installing in the 5005. IMO it’s also a good idea to use the book type tool while the 160 is connected to PC to set book type to DVD-ROM for +R single layer media to gain maximum compatibility for +R media. Note for 1693 and older drives book type is reset to default +R on each restart, but newer drives remain the book type which was last set, i.e. DVD-ROM if it’s set while connected to PC since there’s no way to set it once installed in the 5005.

DR. Paul, are you still thinking of trying a 20X LiteOn replacement for the 5005 burner you mention in post #7 here? I’ll bet it will work because I’ve seen success even with Pioneer DVR-105 and NEC 3520 drives in other posts. IMO the only difficulty might be fitting drawer cover if significantly different, but that would be a non issue if you connect it externally as you did the 18X burner. BTW exactly how did you connect it externally? I think DVD recorders are simply computers with dedicated single task of recording, erasing and playing, and most DVD burners would likley work with the only difficulty may be fitting the drawer cover IMO.

Hello again Guys and Gals,

Well, I took a chance and ordered the Sony DRU-120c, which I previously found out thru a little research is actually is a rebadged Lite-On SHM-165P6s (SHM-165[U]H[/U]6S without Lightscribe capability).

And as far as I can tell, it is working great. I don’t have time to go into detail right now, but I will do that in the “Replacement Drives” thread this weekend.

Suffice it to say it was pretty easy to fit inside, with a few minor modifications made to get it to fit almost perfectly. And, I think it may have restored all original capabilities to my 5006.

I don’t do VCD’s, so not sure about that. And not sure what you guys define as FF, but if that is nothing more than pausing and advancing a movie frame by frame, my 5006 will do that again with this burner installed.

I use it strictly for recording, mostly live sports from TV and satellite broadcasts, and I could not be more pleased - both dvd-r and dvd+rw media work fine now, and before neither would do anything except “write fail” and turn into “invalid discs.” With this new drive, I even reclaimed some of my numerous “invalid disc” dvd+RW’s by erasing them, which my worn out original drive would not do.

I am sold on this unit, and in fact I ordered a spare one from NewEgg just to keep on hand for the next rejuvenation of my 5006 recorder. Each cost me $45 including shipping from NewEgg.

There is some trickery to finding the firmware for this drive, and I’ll post that and more details of installation on the “Replacement Drives” thread as soon as I can, hopefully tomorrow.

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harold (louisiana)

I’m not sure if I’m going to try the 20x. I am very happy with the 18x that I am using now. The 20x reviews are not very good. Noise is a big concern on the 20x. The 18x is still quiet and running warm, not hot. I am going to mount it inside as soon as I get some free time.

I’ll be interested in looking for the post on the SONY replacement drive. FF is for fast foreward control. On all the replacement drives it freezesa up. Please check it for us on the Sony drive replacement.