5006 firmware

about 18 months ago i convinced Lite-On to send me the separate drive and system files for the 5006. i used them on a unit i bought from eBay, and they worked fine. it was like pulling teeth to get them, since they could not understand why i would need them! (because the ILO Hacker gave up after the 5006 hack; that’s why.) at any rate i put up a post in the forum that i had these separate files for those of you that wanted to hack the 5006 and 5005. i just got a request for them (after nearly a year), and was pleased that someone read my entry, and put to good use my difficult to acquire files. so i decided to post a new announcement in case there are those of you that may need them to hack your unit. what i got is:
the drive file -
LNHA 1000 [E30.0104.184x]
the UNHACKED System File: LNHA 1098 [ES5.0104.184x]
& the HACKED System File: LNHA 1098 [ES5.0104.184x]
for those of you that need a refresher: you insert the the Drive file first, followed by the UNHACKED System File. this resets the unit to the months of mfg roughly between 10/04, and 8/05. turn off the unit after removing the disc. turn it back on, then insert the drive file AGAIN (can’t stress this enuf), followed by the Hacked 1098 System File. if the unit took all four of those files it is HACKED. if it doesn’t there are suggestions in the forum. i would unplug it, and power it up and reset it again. the person who contacted me, kept getting the f-ing order wrong w/ the files, so naturally it would not work. once i explained it to him again he got it, and it worked fine. since there are no spare parts, particularly drives out there, for out of warranty units, i suggest you only use the 5006 when you absolutely need it, like copying a VHS tape. i do all my other copying on my computer w/ 1ClickDVDCopy Pro, which altho is expensive works like a champ. they also regularly update the program to handle new DVD anti-copy schemes, and have excellent online tech support.